Introducing Fantasy Evaluator

This past year I’ve discovered a passion for creating visualizations and tools to help fantasy players succeed in their season-long leagues and DFS contests. My interest in learning R came this past offseason, honestly, because I wanted a way to fill my Sunday afternoons. My understanding of coding quickly evolved and I was able to apply it to providing unique fantasy football analysis. I then created my Fantasy Football Draft Evaluator tool (which will be live later in the offseason) that got a bit of buzz and was something I highly enjoyed working on.

I have since parlayed this skill into creating graphs for Establish the Run and the Ship Chasing podcast (both of which I highly urge you to subscribe to) while publishing various visualizations on Twitter each week and writing for numberFire. However, as the season has gone on, posting these charts has taken up a lot of time. This has made me wonder if the time effort I put into building them, providing commentary, and then sharing them is worth it. So I thought, why not let everyone create these charts on their own? My graphs won’t go away, but this website will allow me to focus on even more value-added analysis during the season.

The Fantasy Evaluator name was chosen as this will be a place where fantasy sports enthusiasts can use my tools to evaluate various players and situations to make the best decisions for season-long or DFS fantasy sports contests. So far I have built apps for many of my most popular (and, in my opinion, most useful) data visualizations. Throughout the offseason I’ll be working to get as many tools on here as possible for people to use and bring further success to their leagues.

Though I won’t be charging for this website, it does cost me some money to host this website – in exchange for providing these tools, I’d ask you to please contribute any amount that you can to the Fantasy Football Mental Health Initiative. As a mental health advocate, my friends and I started this in an attempt to bring more awareness and funding to mental heath issues, something that people are dealing with more and more these days.

I hope you will all join me in this journey. If you ever have any feedback for the tools, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Twitter. Enjoy the tools and best of luck in your fantasy endeavors!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Fantasy Evaluator

  1. This is fantastic. You deserve way more for the work you do. The insights after the charts help so much too

  2. These are awesome tools! Thank you for sharing your hard work! I think the FF MHI is a great idea and as a budding Clinical Psychologist and FF enthusiast myself I think it is long overdue. I will definitely be donating to the cause.

    Best, Dr. Horwath

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