About Sam

I have been a fantasy football analyst for two seasons now after having played the game for the better part of a decade. My career as an analyst has been a short, but exciting one – below is an outline of my work so far:

  • Provide visualizations for Establish the Run’s Defense vs. Position metrics, pace and snaps article, and pass rate over expectation model
  • Produce team-by-team charts for the Stat Chasing episode of the Ship Chasing podcast
  • Write numberFire’s weekly snap count analysis article
    • Previously wrote weekly stash-ahead candidates article and running back committee report
  • Publish 25+ visualizations weekly on Twitter to highlight trends and inform DFS and season-long fantasy football decision making
  • Co-host the Pod After Touchdown fantasy football podcast

On a personal level, I am happily engaged to the most amazing woman, Christina – she’s a fantastic high school science teacher who has provided unwavering support since we’ve been together. I’m also the proud father of Crosby, our adopted lab, who is a 13/10 good boy.

I am also a major advocate for mental health awareness as I have (and still do) dealt with mental health issues in the past. Notably, my friends and I started the Fantasy Football Mental Health Initiative in an effort to bring more funding and awareness to the issues that face people today. If you’ve enjoyed using this site, I ask that you donate what you can do this cause – thank you!

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