Mental Health Initiative

This year, my friends (Andrew Mackens and Ryan Garner) and I started the Fantasy Football Mental Health Initiative in an effort to bring more awareness and funding to mental health issues. 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness each year, so if you’re in a 10-team fantasy football league, that’s two members of your league that face mental illnesses. Fantasy football can be stressful, and we want to help fellow fantasy football team managers in managing their mental health.

The most common mental health condition is anxiety, which I have dealt with, and continue to manage. Also, 43% of adults with mental illness sought treatment in 2018. I was one of those and it’s important that we don’t stigmatize those who use these resources to get help – it works!

The goal of $4,760 is based on the 47.6 million adults that experienced mental illness in 2018 and while our initial hope was to reach that by Week 17 of 2020, we plan to extend this until we reach our benchmark! I’m not charging for using the Fantasy Evaluator tools, so in exchange I would ask that you donate what you can to the initiative if you’re enjoying the website.