NBA DFS Player Correlation

Correlation is pivotal to succeeding in DFS. This tool allows you to explore which players are most correlated with one another to ensure your lineups are highly correlated and you can find the right leverage.

When using this tool, you should set all your desired filters first and then hit the “Update Filters” button. Doing so will create your team-level correlation matrix. As you change your filters, you’ll need to hit the “Update Filters” button to create a new matrix. Updating the filters will also cause the player comparison selections to clear. By default, the filters are set to a minimum 15 fantasy points per game and a minimum of 15 minutes per game, but those can be changed at your discretion. Additionally, date filters go all the way back to the start of the 2016 season. You are also able to display only games in which a player was deemed a starter.