A couple of years ago, Ben Gretch introduced the fantasy football community to the concept of high-value touches (HVT) in order to identify the most valuable running backs. High-value touches are considered a carry inside the opponent’s 10-yard line or a reception and are great indicators of a running back’s potential for fantasy football success. For more details on the nuances of HVTs, you can check out Ben’s intro article here.

The app displays running backs’ HVT count and compares that to the percent of touches that are HVTs. The leaderboard also includes green-zone touches (GZT), which just looks at both receptions AND rushes inside the 10-yard-line, as this will give a deeper lens into which running backs are getting used most near the goal line. You can set a filter on the range of weeks that you want to view as well as a minimum touch count to filter out potential outliers.